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Operation Team

Accupac, Inc.

Accupac, Inc., a privately owned, 25-year-old company, provides a wide range of contract manufacturing and packaging services to the pharmaceutical and personal care industry. Accupac's services are integral to its customers' operations and include test batches, experimental batches, validation batches, as well as trade, sample, and commercial batches. Accupac provides services to its customers at peak times of demand and for new product introductions or when rapid turnaround is required to meet demand or government regulations. Accupac has filling and packaging capabilities from 1/8 oz up to gallons and tanker trucks. Accupac fills and packages most every type of tube, bottle, jar, pump, pouch, and now a new 3-D unit of use package for consumer samples and trade packages. Accupac is a non-union company with a stable workforce of 300 employees working three shifts, five days per week.
Outsourcing by healthcare companies is increasing yearly as companies determine that the manufacturing of their products could be done by a qualified contractor while drug companies concentrate on research and development, and marketing and sales. Accupac is well positioned to serve its customers with two facilities totaling 210,000 square feet. Accupac has chemistry and microbiological laboratories on site. They have manufacturing vessels from 50 gallons on up to 5000 gallons and storage tanks up to 14,000 gallons. They provide stability testing as well as the capability of manufacturing Schedule II through Schedule V drugs. A new 300,000 square foot building will be started in 1999 for completion in early 2001.
The history of the relationship with the US Food and Drug Administration has been exceptional. Accupac has maintained a professional working relationship with the local compliance office. This relationship is viewed by both the FDA and Accupac as an asset for the quality and timely manufacture of regulated products. It is notable that Accupac has never been cited by the FDA in the company's 25-year history.
Accupac serves five of the top Rx manufactures in the United States, plus 32 out of the top 69 over the counter marketers. Their clients include: American Home Products, Bayer, Beiersdorf, Bristol Myers Squibb, Burroughs Wellcome, Carter Wallace, Colgate, Glaxo Wellcome, Hoffman-LaRoche, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble, SmithKline Beechem, and Warner Lambert.

Williams Whittle Rothstein

Allendale Pharmaceuticals, Inc. has chosen Williams Whittle Rothstein (WWR) Public Relations to provide strategic marketing communications services for the launch of The Today Contraceptive Sponge product line. WWR provides public relations, marketing/science communications, and issues management for clients in a variety of therapeutic and health science areas, including pharmaceuticals, nutrition, alternative and complementary medicine, diagnostics, medical devices, over-the-counter products, and biotechnology. Based in New York City, WWR is the public relations arm of Williams Whittle Associates, an Alexandria, VA-based advertising agency that will also be handling advertising, direct marketing, and market research for Allendale. Other major WWR clients include the Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine, Atkins Nutritionals, and Integrative Therapeutics Inc., one of the three largest producers of alternative natural medicines and dietary supplements.

Richard J. Rothstein
Managing Partner

Richard J. Rothstein President Richard Rothstein is both President and partner of Williams Whittle Rothstein. Rothstein spearheaded public and professional relations for the American Home Products launch of The Today Sponge in 1993. In addition, Rothstein has product marketing and issues management experienced with other women's health care companies such as Ortho, SmithKline Beecham, Serono, and Purdue-Frederick.

Access Sales & Marketing, LLC

AlPhar has identified and contracted with Access, LLC an out-source sales management firm started in 1996. This team provides AlPhar with both unique experience directly related to the business challenge and an ability to provide broad field management for the expense of one or two full time sales managers. AlPhar will eventually hire a National Sales Manager to work with Access. Until that time, Access will be managed by Mr. Detroyer
Their capabilities include brand, product and promotion development along with sales strategy formulation and distribution implementation. Client work has included Johnson & Johnson's Lifescan Division, Novartis Consumer Health, BellSouth, Abbott Diagnostics, Walt Disney Records, Global Star, Enamelon, AT&T affiliates and Can-Am Care.

Bob Guest
Managing Partner

Mr. Guest spent 15 years with the Whitehall-Robins OTC consumer products division of AHP ("WR/AHP"). He has managed sales teams across the United States. In 1993, he was appointed Vice President of Sales at AHP corporate headquarters. In 1984, Mr. Guest helped launch the Advil brand of ibuprofen into the OTC analgesic category while managing the balance of the Whitehall-Robins portfolio including Robitussin, Centrum, and the Today Sponge. Throughout Mr. Guest's career he has established strong working relationships with all key retailers in the mass marketplace as well as acquired strong selling and sales management skills.

Livingston Healthcare Services, Inc.

Livingston Healthcare Services Inc. provides logistics services that keep our clients in the forefront of information technology and supply chain management. They build and execute customized logistics solutions that are customer-needs driven and based on value. Whether you outsource your entire logistics operations or specific segments, Livingston has the depth of expertise and operational flexibility to design the right solution for your unique requirements. LHSI will handle all logistic interface with the trade for Allendale. They will provide the complete Customer Service function from taking orders to accounts receivable.
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