The management team is led by Dr. Staab and Mr. Detroyer.

Dr. Staab has 13 years corporate experience with American Cyanamid, Exxon, Tambrands, and Schmid Labs. His responsibilities included regulatory affairs, clinical research, product development, manufacturing, and quality assurance. In 1990 he started his own consultancy as an advisor to the National Institutes of Health and major drug and medical device companies with interest in women's health care. Dr. Staab holds three patents in the area of drug delivery and medical devices related to women's health care.

Mr. Detroyer has 12 years of corporate experience with Mobil's Consumer Products division where he led the business development of over $100 million in new products. For five years, he was general manager of the Van Leer Group's consumer products division. He started his own company in the out-of-home advertising business, took it public, and put it into a joint venture with NBC. He has consulted for Coca-Cola leading a major analysis of their distribution system. Clients have also included several start-ups that desired to expand their business to the supermarket and drug trade.

Management Team Backgrounds

Dr. Robert J. Staab
Chairman, Chief Scientific Officer

  • MBA, Chemical/Pharmaceutical Marketing (1984)
    Fairleigh Dickenson University, 1984

  • Ph.D., Toxicology (1977), MS, Toxicology (1974)
    St. Johns University, College of Pharmacy and and Allied Health Professions

  • AB, Biology (1972)
    Boston College

Dr. Staab started his professional career by developing a safety program for American Cyanamid Products (Breck, Old Spice, Pine Sol, and The extensive experience received included exposure to executives in trade organizations such as the Cosmetic, Toiletry, and Fragrance Association.
He next served Exxon Corporation in both the US and Europe dealing with such highly regulated areas as direct food additives and skin contact petroleum and chemical products. This experience was useful in developing an appreciation for the international markets and the regulations that govern those markets.
As Director Product Safety and Regulatory Affairs for Tambrands, he developed a safety program for the women's health care product, Tampax Tampons, and many other women's health care products under development. This program was reviewed and commented upon extensively by the FDA as well as most of the Toxic Shock Syndrome ("TSS") incidents. He worked in close contact with the FDA concerning the actual TSS crisis. This experience brought together the best of his safety skills along with his direct contact with government personnel in such diverse countries as Japan, the former USSR, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Italy, Sweden and others.
After joining London International as Vice President of Scientific Affairs during the height of the AIDS epidemic, he addressed several important issues for the condom and spermicide industry. The products include those currently on the market as well as several that were in the experimental stage.
As a consultant to several of women's health care firms, Dr. Staab continues to offer advice to assure safe and efficacious products reach the market following an expeditious review by the FDA .

Gene Detroyer
President, Chief Executive Officer

  • MBA, Marketing and Finance (1970)
    Columbia University, Graduate School of Business

  • AB, Business and Industrial Management (1969)
    The Johns Hopkins University

Mr. Detroyer started his career with the Consumer Products Division of the Mobil Corporation. From 1970 to 1982, his positions included Corporate Staff Planning, Business Manager, Product Manager, Division Sales Manager, Sales Promotion Manager, and various lesser posts. During his tenure at Mobil, he worked on Hefty Bags and Hefty Disposables and was responsible for developing new product lines and businesses which today represent over $150 million in sales.
In 1988, Mr. Detroyer joined the Van Leer Group a multi-billion dollar international packaging company, as Vice President and General Manager of their Consumer Products Division. His specific objective was to turn around what had been the most profitable division in Van Leer. During his tenure, he revitalized the division, the marketer of Chinet disposable plates, reversing a 20%, three-year decline. His efforts led to a 33% sales increase over a five-year period.
Between 1988 and 1994, Mr. Detroyer was Co-Founder, President and CEO of Site-Based Media, Inc. He led that company in the development of a successful video in-store advertising system and managed it through its seed phase, start-up, initial public financing, and additional financings, and later through joint venture developments. For a period, he also handled the duties of Chief Financial Officer. He concluded his tenure by putting the company into a joint venture with GE's NBC network and the Fleming Companies, the country's largest food wholesaler.
Mr. Detroyer is currently involved in general business consulting. He has consulted for Coca-Cola leading a major analysis of their distribution system. His clients have also included unique start-ups such as the Home Shopping Showcase ("HSS") and Fresh Pickstm. For HSS, he developed a plan to build an all-encompassing program to bring Home Shopping Network and other infomercial items to retail. For Fresh Pickstm, he devised the original trade development plan in a joint venture with Metromedia, to build the first ever program to sell top-line CD's through the supermarket channel of distribution.

George Brown
Vice President, Controller

  • Manhattan College (1979)

Mr. Brown has over 19 years experience in the areas of accounting and finance. He started in 1979 as an entry-level accountant for Kendall Refining Company, a division of Witco Chemical Corporation. During his tenure, he advanced to Manager of Special Projects which included responsibilities for acquisition evaluation and integration, development and installation of a corporate-wide product costing system, and compliance with Department of Energy Issues.
Subsequently, Mr. Brown held management positions in Accounting and Finance for both General Instruments and Schmid Laboratories. In 1987, Mr. Brown left Schmid to open his own accounting and tax practice, specializing in services to small and medium sized businesses in the retail, service and publishing industries. Mr. Brown is often called on by larger accounting firms for his expertise in these areas.
He graduated from Manhattan College in 1979. He is a licensed Certified Public Accountant and a member of both the American Institute of CPA's and the New Jersey Society of CPA's.

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